BDIM series

Information Technology management has evolved significantly over the past years. IT services become ever more critical to the functioning of businesses and organizations. Higher levels of service and increased reliability are demanded, while the underlying infrastructures grow more interconnected and complex. Technical solutions can only be part of the answer to these challenges. IT organizations need to better align themselves with the business and to improve and develop organizational management service management capabilities.

There are various standards and frameworks for IT Service Management and IT Governance – ITIL, COBIT, FitSM, eTOM and ISO/IEC 20000 among others – that provide guidance for these tasks. Their application however, is seldom straightforward and many relevant practical as well as conceptual topics remain uncovered.

BDIM is a series of workshop about advances topics in IT Service Management and related disciplines. Is has been running since 2006 at the alternating IEEE/IFIP conferences Integrated Management (IM) and the Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS).

The last edition of BDIM was the 9th workshop, held as part of NOMS2014 in Krakow, Poland in May, 2014. The next BDIM will be held at IM2015 in Ottawa, Canada in May 2015 (exact date yet to be confirmed).